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Fusilli Salmon

I first tasted a pretty good salmon pasta in a restaurant. It was a great idea with mediocre execution, so I went home determined to make this dish sparkle. This is a great little salmon dish that is … [more]

Wedding gifts

My wife claims that I only got engaged so that we could register for all kinds of nifty cooking tools. There’s some truth to her argument. I mean had I known that in exchange for uttering three … [more]

Caesar clamato cocktail

Don’t dismiss this Canadian pick-me-up as a Bloody Mary with clam juice. Okay… Okay… Maybe it is just a Bloody Mary with clam juice. But it’s so much more! Originally, this drink was a true … [more]

Borough Market

London’s oldest food market has stood just south of the river by London Bridge for 250 years. If you are in London, you should make a visit here a priority. It is open to the public Thursday … [more]

California Certified Farmers' Markets

A California law known as the Direct Marketing Act was passed in 1978 and in so doing the seeds that helped to usher the revival of the farmers markets from sea to shining sea were sown. This law … [more]