Melon soup

Hey, I it’s honeydew season here in Los Angeles, and I was thinking of making some nice cold melon soup. You know, melon, mint, lime. Does anyone have a good recipe for me? How long will such a soup keep? Can I freeze it? Speaking of freezing it, this seems like a natural base for sorbet. Has anyone tried making a melon sorbet from soup? Would I just add some sugar? The melon is so sweet it might not need it.


Re: Melon soup

Try melon soup. I haven’t tried it, but I was browsing through the site and it looks good.

Re: Melon soup

A soup usually has savory components as opposed to sweet in a dessert sorbet. That is not to say that sorbets cannot be savory. As is often the case, sorbets can be a “intermezzo”(palate cleansers) between courses. My suggestion is experiment! One note, that if you freeze the soup it will(depending on time) become hard. You can adjust the consistency by adjusting with a simple syrup before you freeze.