Fruit and pepper

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I am fascinated as to why black pepper seems to work so well on some fruit.

I think it is reasonably well known that black pepper on strawberries brings out the taste. It is also customary to pepper melon and parma ham. I just discovered it works well with pear too - I ate a pear after a somewhat peppery lentil pate. My guess is it would work on grapefruit or orange too, but my question is why does it work?

… I have an inspiration for some pears sauted in butter with port and black pepper served with vanilla sugared mascarpone - I’ll have to try it out and let you know.

Re: Fruit and pepper

Peter I submitted a recipe that’s right up your alley! Chilled Pepper Pear Soup.

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Pepper is a fruit. Maybe there’s something in that in an apple and pears kinda way.

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My theory on why it works: Contrast - specifically contrasting sweet with savory.

Think… Chocolate covered pretzels; Manchego and quince paste; honey dipped sopa pillas with firery New Mexican food; German/Austrian white wine with spicy asian food; honey glazed ham. I could go on.

Or were you asking more about the physiology of taste?

Tell me what you eat, and I’ll tell you who you are.

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I guess I was asking about the physiology or perhaps psychology. John was saying it might be something to do with activating the diferent taste buds simultaniously.