De Trafford Winery

+27 21 880 1611

While we were in South Africa for a wedding in the Franschoek wine region we visited a vineyard called De Trafford. While I am not at all a wine expert, I know what I like - and we like almost everything that we tasted. It is a small production vineyard run by a husband and wife who are very hands on. It was the only vineyard where we actually met the owners, who are avid mountain climbers as well - and spent a few hours tasting and learning about their wines. They have a straw wine that it a sweet dessert wine that was different than any other dessert wine. They also have a great Chenin Blanc and Cabernet. The prices are very reasonable for the quality.

If you live in South Africa you are very lucky to be able to source this wine. It is hard to find in the US, so if you need to find a distributor, contact Bryce at Boutique Wine Collection in Philadelphia or call 914-954-6583 to find out how to order.

the pictures included on this page are reprinted with the permission of De Trafford Vineyards.