Saving money


I am not the best cook in the world and I eat out way too much. I was introduced to GreatGrub a while back and really enjoyed checking out the recipes that were coming from regular folk. I took the plunge, and decided to cook a meal for my wife and a couple of friends last weekend.

I chose the Greek Roasted Halibut with roast potatoes. You probably don’t think they go, but I love roasts with anything. I stopped off at the store and spent around $50 on the food and opened a reasonable bottle of wine I had lying around… I am guessing $80 all in. It took me a while to prep, but we all hung out in the kitchen and really enjoyed ourselves.

Yesterday we had another set of friends over. This time I stopped off on my way home from work at one of my favorite restaurants in West Hollywood. I ordered two portions of seabass with roast heart of palm and two grilled salmon salads. I have to say, they were delicious. The check… $128.

We ate while the food was still warm, my friends left probably 90 minutes after they arrived.

This morning, I had a reality check. I brought the take-out in because I figured it was more convenient. It cost me twice as much, we had half the fun and none of the satisfaction of doing it yourself.

Go figure!

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