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According to the Scots there are only two things that can properly be added to whiskey. One, naturally enough is water, the other is more whiskey. I opt for sparkling water. Two slugs and I am in heaven!

Re: Scotch

For me it depends on the whisky. I always try it neat first and, if I think it needs opening up a bit, I sprinkle in a few drops of still water. When the water hits the spirit, you can see the oils ooze out. With a cask strength, I’ll sometimes add a little more than a few drops of water.

Interestingly, I’d always thought that adding water was for southern softies (south of Scotland I mean). However, I was recently house guest to a true Scott who liked to drink his whisky like cordial — he poured a dram of a good single malt into a tall glass then filled it to the brim with water.

Perhaps this is not the norm, but it certainly confirmed that watering down your scotch is perfectly socially acceptable even in in the motherland.

Re: Scotch

I typically only add a splash of water to cask strength whiskies or when my bottle is on its last legs and I want to stretch the pleasure a while longer (even if the experience is a little diluted).