Sugar, Oh So Sweet


Oh!—the magical time that is Thanksgiving,
Times to think, reminisce, and just enjoy living.
Since we were hosting guests this year, I pitched in to help,
To peel potatoes, mix cranberries, or make something myself.
And with a sugar cookie recipe under my belt,
I said “Sure. Why not,” grabbing flour off the shelf.
Upon hearing, my little cousin came forth with excitement,
Enthralled that I’d be making cookies for tonight’s event.
I asked her if she’d like to aid in my cause,
She replied, “Sure! I make cookies every year for Santa Claus!”
And with that I knew she’d have baking expertise,
With no intentions of giving Santa a disease.
And while we began to mix and toil,
I noticed that we didn’t have any vegetable oil.
“We don’t have all the ingredients,” I exclaimed without glee,
But the little cousin replied, “Leave it all to me.”
“I know something we can substitute, and I’m sure you’ll love it”,
Trusting her experience with the Easy-Bake Oven.
In joy of the salvaged cookies, I tried the batter.
Seconds later, something had gone awry in my bladder.
As I rushed to the can, my cousin asked, “What’s the matter?”
Enlightened being asked what was wrong,
I deftly replied, “The pickle juice was too strong!”
Despite the recipe not going our way,
I decided to serve it to the family, as if it were any day.
While it tasted a bit weird, they said they still liked it,
So my cousin and I chose to keep the pickles a secret.
So a word to the wise, when you need an ingredient,
Look no further than pickles, they’re quite expedient.

“Sugar Cookies, sans Pickle Juice”