Food for cyclists

I have a new bike and to get to work I have to cycle up a 1.5 mile steep hill. I arrive exhausted and lacking energy. Does anyone have any good suggestions for what I should eat when I get there? It needs to be the kind of stuff you feel OK eating in the morning!

Re: Food for cyclists

Though it’s been a while since my bike has gone up hill with me, I used to ride the hills and still walk them. Good luck with your trek!

My favorite snacks after uphills: -fresh & juicy apple or pear (quenches thirst & restores lost carbs) -Clif Bar peanut butter or apple-cranberry* -a good trail mix, like California trail mix*

*drink lots of water after these.

Re: Food for cyclists

Thanks for the tips Beth. I am getting worried. Whenever I finish a cycle, I want meat. And lots of it. I’ll try these more healthy-sounding alternatives!