Suggested menus

I have my repertoire of great standards, but every now and then I am at a loss for something new and appetizing to cook. I would love some suggestions for meals that are based on a listing of my favorites. Oh, and did I say I would like a place to store my favorites recipes?

Re: Suggested menus

Hi kwonberg, the tools for keeping a list of favorites are on our development schedule for a few weeks time. However, as you have taken the trouble to ask for it, we’ll see if we can shift it up the list a bit. Watch this space…

As for recommending recipes based on your tastes, we have a pretty cool idea about how to do this, but it will be a little while before we build it. This is partly because we’ll need a fair bit more profile data available before we can make it work.

For now I’d suggest browsing through the recipes here or, if you’d like some personal service, post a note in the cooking forum saying what you like and we’ll pick you out some recipes to try.