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Tummy-warming nian gao duk (rice cakes) with pork

I learned this from my mother, who was taught it by her mother and her mother before her, and so. This is Chinese home cooking that delivers maximum comfort. It has become a favorite in my family and … [more]

Chinese marinade for pork, chicken or beef

This marinade is ubiquitous in Chinese cuisine. A marinade such as this can’t really be prescriptive. It will vary depending on your taste, quantity of meat, etc… but it will get better … [more]

Healing Chinese Chicken Soup

Growing up in a Chinese household, food was central to our lives. Food was not just to fill our tummies but to heal, lift our spirits and give reason to bring friends and family together. Traditional … [more]

Melt in your mouth mini-brownies !!

BAKED GOOD sells indulgent mouthfuls of ‘melt in your mouth’ brownies. Did you know why “mini” snacks are so successful ? It is so you eat more of them. With these raspberry … [more]

Paris Pastry

This is the place I go to for authentic French cream-filled chocolate eclairs. Yum. We also buy their white loafs every week. It has just the right combination of crispy crust with a soft yielding … [more]

Extra Fluffy Pancakes

The journey of finding the perfect fluffy pancake (for me) has been paved by several relationship mishaps. Some were soggy, some burnt and some like a rubber sole - none were delicate with a … [more]

The humble cracker

Food does have a magical influence on people and it seems — sometimes — of all ages. Just tonight, my 17-month old daughter, Lucy, tasted a butter cracker for the first time. Not since … [more]

Fresh mint tea

After a good meal, I enjoy a simple cup of fresh mint tea. You simply can’t get the flavour nor, I suspect, the benefits from a peppermint teabag. And this is just as simple to prepare. Mint … [more]

Super Moist Banana Bread

At 12, when I was old enough to graduate from making jello desserts, banana bread was the first oven prepared dessert I attempted. Since then I have tried dozens of recipes, some cakey, some drier … [more]