Veg and Duck winter filler


Something I’ve always had at home, around xmas time, and has traveled to Europe with me. It has warmed the stomachs of friends and strangers in winter, a definite ice breaker.


  • 1 portion preserved mustard (comes in packets with a little chili for spice)
  • 1 duck cut to small portions
  • tomatoes (see how sour you like soups to be)
  • few thick slices of ginger
  • 8 good sized dried mushrooms (chinese or japanese is up to your pref)
  • 1 or 2 preserved sour plums (comes in a jar preserved in some liquid)
  • pot of water enough to cover the size of your duck
  • additional sliced chili padi for kick
  • Chinese coriander as garnish


  • big soup pot


  1. Get a whole duck cut up in nice portions
  2. slice up the preserved mustard and the chili
  3. Quarter the tomatoes
  4. Slice ginger to generous slices
  5. Soak the dried shrooms in hot water to soften
  6. Slice or quater shrooms after breaking off the stalk
  7. Boil a nice big pot of water
  8. Add all ingredients in starting with the duck
  9. Add a bit of preserved juice from the mustard to taste
  10. Add a bit of shroom water to taste
  11. Once the water starts boiling again, bring flame down to a slow simmer
  12. Leave it to simmer for at least 3 hours and taste periodically
  13. Soup should be reduced to at least 2 thirds of original volume when done

What you should know

This soup is really hearty, and oily. Do skim the layer of oil periodically to let the soup reduce better. Oil collected can be refrigerated for future use, and is great for roasting potatoes or frying stuff. Experiment with portions so you find a combination of taste you like. It has to be balanced out with a bit spicy, a bit sour, a bit salty, and very warming, with the duck falling off the bone in tender melting bits.

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Hi. You are going to have help a Gweilo! What is a chili padi and is preserved mustard an Asian thing and, therefore, something you can find in any Asian supermarket?

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I don’t want to appear to be an ignorant American, but I was wondering what a Gweilo is?

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If you don’t know, you most likely are one. It literally means foreign devil in Chinese, but has come to be an affectionate slang term for a Westerner.

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Hello!! hmm… think its Gwailo. heehee.

ok the preserved mustard is definitely an Asian thing. Chili Padi you can get either Thai ones or Malay, or mexican. That is really for kicks. I like my soup a bit spicy, but sometimes, the chili that comes with the preserved mustard is more than enough as there is ginger involved.

Preserved mustard… it looks like salted vegetable but light green as its the stem of the chinese mustard veg, and is preserved and packed in this liquid that’s a bit sour and salty…. salt and vinegar perhaps.

Look out tho. It can be called preserved chinese mustard, pickled sichuan mustard, pickled chinese mustard. etc.

Food is great. Cooking is way better.

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Thank you so much for the helpful response.

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Forgot to answer your question. Chili Padi is malay for bird chilis. small and cute chile species, that are elogated. Doesn’t grow more than 3cm long but kicks like a mule.

Food is great. Cooking is way better.

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