Bar kit


Every man and woman who makes cocktails at home has their own version of the bar kit, even if they haven’t given it the name — the favorite corkscrew, that shot glass from CancĂșn you use for measuring. As it is such a highly personal collection of implements, a proper kit will always be bespoke rather than one-size-fits-all. The list below, then, is a starting point rather than a shopping list and entirely based upon my martini-leaning inclinations.

  • sharp knife for cutting fruit
  • waiter’s corkscrew; the type with a bottle opener on the opposite end
  • colorful towel or cloth for quick clean ups and champagne cork-containing abilities
  • long-handled, narrow-headed stirring spoon
  • strainer
  • tall mixing jug for shared drinks
  • shaker
  • ice bucket
  • juicer and strainer, either as separate reamer and strainer or an all-in-one combo
  • wooden muddler for mashing herbs in glasses
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