great grub....my recent saviour!

hi there…..well, i’ve finally found the time to contribute to this amazing site after being tirned onto it earlier this year. as the primary cook in the family, lately i had been unspired in what to cook for dinner. 4pm seemed to be the dreaded hour when i thought “what am i making??” in my attempt to stay interested in cooking (those of you who prepare dinner day-in-day-out can relate) and not think of it as a chore or one more item on the “to do” list, i found salvation in the form of the internet and my local library. i LOVE books, especially cookbooks but these days i borrow rather than purchase as the price of books in australia is outrageous. so i borrow and photocopy recipes and peruse the internet for interesting meal ideas.

last nite i combined 2 recipes i found last week on greatgrub.com. i made “chicken fingers” by combining the chicken schnitzel and cece’s crsipy chicken recipes. i used an organic chicken breast, cut it up into “fingers”, rolled them in dijon mustard and then into breadcrumbs flavoured with freshly grated parma, freshly chopped flat-leaf parsley, sea salt and pepper. i baked them at 190C (375F—i think) for 20 minutes. they were a hit! i served them with creamy garlic mash, roasted asparagus (it is spring-time here in Oz) and steamed carrots. my husband loved it and my daughter loved it…and most importantly, I loved cooking it!

thanks for this great site andrew. i’ll be adding a few of my fave recipes too. xxoo andi

Re: great grub....my recent saviour!

Thanks for sharing this with us all. I love seeing GreatGrub members playing around with recipes like this. I can’t wait to see more of your own recipes too. Have you got anything typically Australian?

Keep ‘em coming.