My favourite food

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Hello. Here are all my favourite foods.

My number one best food has to be watermelon. It’s so sweet and juicy! I love the way you take a bite, then feel the watermelon juice roll down your neck.

I also love prawns, so crunchy, and so pink and tasty! I love to grab hold of the tail, take a big bite and say “Oh, yummy”!

I adore chicken soup. It really does taste nice. It often has things like carrots, noodles or bits of chicken in it. Chicken soup makes you feel better!

I really enjoy banana bread. I love it especially home made! It makes me smile and the smell is magical!

I love to sit down to a big roast dinner where I can eat lambchops (so chewy and juicy), roast potatoes (so crispy on the outside and soft on the inside) and things to make it even better like green beans and carrots!

You may find this strange, but I love the brains of a lobster! Call me peculier if you want to, but I think they are so sweet and chewy, so fresh, and so tasty too!

These are my favourite foods. The watermelon has got vitamins in it. The prawns are good for you, chicken soup can cure absolutely anything for me (but I am not sure about everyone) and it gives me energy. Chops of lamb have protein, potatoes are healthy, and green beans and carrots have to be good for you! Lobster brain has to be eaten fresh and fresh is good!

Audrey aged 9

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