What to do with my grapes

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Hello Greatgrub followers. Today I picked some splendid bunches of grapes from my vines to discover that they really aren’t especially edible. Their flavour is a little too bitter and harsh. But I am loathe to throw them away after tending them so lovingly.

Might any of you have some suggestions for some recipes that will put my grapes to good use?

I thank you in anticipation.

Re: What to do with my grapes

You could try roasting them. Here is a link for a recipe that I have tried in the past. Goes well with ice cream.


Re: What to do with my grapes

How about using them to make a chutney or a compote. Both require adding a sweetener that will balance the bitter.

Re: What to do with my grapes

It is a shame to throw anything away. Why not experiment. There is a wonderful chutney recipe to which you might try adding your sour grapes. I would add a 1 tsp more sugar to balance the biter of your grapes.

Re: What to do with my grapes

Well I am waiting for a new recipe on grapes. There are so many recipes on fruits but I cannot find anything good on grapes.

Let us hope to get a new one GreatGrub.