Raw Milk

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I’ve been seeing raw milk in more and more stores. I’m tempted to give it a try. Does anybody know about raw milk? Is it worth the higher price? Does it taste better? Is it better for you? Or more dangerous? It it a good idea to feed to toddlers and kids? Or is this just for adults?

Re: Raw Milk

Having drunk raw milk some time ago for over a year, I hope my feedback is helpful to you.

Raw milk is milk that has not been pasturized/sterilized. This means ALL the goodness of the milk is intact including all the probiotic “good bacteria”. This would suggest that it is healthier for you.

Given that it is most likely to be organic, it will not include nasty hormones or antibiotics. This is definitely better for you.

On the danger side, it can carry diseses like salmonella if not properly handled or is past its shelf life.

I have not chosen to feed my toddler raw milk because there is a risk factor that is greater than the benefit. Plus her immune system is delicate.

As for flavour/taste, I find it creamier and sweeter.

Is it worth the price ? Well, depends what is important to you.

Re: Raw Milk

I spent many summers of my childhood on a farm in Devon (south west of England). We would milk the cows in the morning and bring the milk straight to the table. As a child, I remember finding the taste too strong. It had a farm-yard quality to it. I much prefered the stuff the milkman delivered!

As an adult, looking back affectionately at those summers, I long for such an experience now. Probably would still hate the taste though!

Re: Raw Milk

Sally Squires a nutritional writer for the Washington Post wrote an interesting story on raw milk. I would suggest you read it before making your decision as she provides some useful information on both sides of the debate.

Raw Milk: Udderly Foolish?

Re: Raw Milk

Ah David…I did milk the cows myself and drank so called raw milk during my childhood until I was a teenager. My aging grandmother was horrified when we sold the cows and began bringing home “milk in boxeeeens”. She was born in 1896 and lived until 1989 so she saw an astonishing period in human history. Yes it does taste “intense”…and the rich cool single cream the next day….on strawberries….sublime!