Festive winter party drink


I am helping to plan a large benefit at the Pierre Hotel in NYC to be held in February. The hotel is very elegant old New York and the theme of the evening is Winter Wonderland. We need suggestions for a signature drink for the evening. It should be festive, but we don’t want to send everyone home completely drunk. Any ideas?

Re: Festive winter party drink

The Pierre Hotel is an art deco building built in the 1928. The attached link shows it to be an elegant local. Keeping with the tradition, style of the building and Winter Wonderland theme I would recommend some sophisticated cocktails that hark back to that great era.

Now the Sidecar, which happens to be one of my personal favorites, is a tasteful option that fills out a Martini Highball quite nicely and with it’s sugared rim will appeal to the ladies in the crowd while pleasing the gentlemen provided you use a refined cognac. If budget allows you may be able to import some Meyer lemons from California as they take the sidecar to a whole new level.

The Martini is always a good if rather uninspired option. It does however have a storied history and would be a nice alternative to the sidecar.

The Tom Collins (traditional) is a great drink also with a storied history. With the fizz of the soda water it may be perfect for your affair and with a name that many recognize but few have actually tried it may be an excellent conversation piece.

And if you really want a tasty conversation piece I would highly recommend trying the Rigermortis. It’s more a milkshake than a traditional cocktail but it will get the party going and fits with your winter wonderland theme.

Why wait for the night of the party, try them all now and see if what you like.