What is the best rum for making mojitos?

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I just read a great recipe for Mojitos and I am thinking about making them for our holiday party. What is the best rum to serve? I want to impress my guests with a delicious cocktail but not break the bank.

Re: What is the best rum for making mojitos

You ask a great question. I am a firm believer in using quality ingredients to make a quality cocktail. So when making mojitos you may want to avoid the bargain basement brands that may just have been made in someone’s basement. But the good news is that you need not break the bank buying the most expensive stuff. Buying a highly refined product would only be a waste as the premium taste so artfully distilled and best sipped or enjoyed in a less robust flavored cocktail.

For my parties I buy Bacardi Superior White Rum as it is reasonably priced (about $17 for 1.75 ltr bottle) and then soak a sprig of mint in the bottle over night. Tastes great and works like a charm.

Good luck with your party.

Re: What is the best rum for making mojitos?