Ratio of ice to liquid

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Drinking in bars in LA is a strange affair… or is it? Ask for a vodka and tonic and you get a long glass filled to the brim with ice with at least half vodka to tonic. In England, I am accustomed to just a few cubes with a much higher proportion mix to alcohol. Is this a cultural difference? Now, when I am entertaining, I am quite confused as to how much ice to use (I don’t mind the 50:50 alcohol/mix split though).

Re: Ratio of ice to liquid

I suspect you are hanging out in the wrong kinds of bars, but then what can one expect in Los Angeles. If they’re serving loads of ice with your V&T then they are trying to cover the fact that they are using cheap vodka.

My advice would be two-fold. First find some more reputable drinking establishments. We have some fine ones here in San Francisco if (as usual) LA comes up short. And when serving your guests buy a quality vodka and treat them to a properly prepared cocktail.