Character Cocktails

I occasionally like a great cocktail. Most often, I prepare a cosmopolitan having mastered the recipe to the point I can prepare it at home, while camping, and disguised as ‘cranberry juice’ to complement take out pizza from Abbot’s for Friday nights at the beach. Limes are key and the ratios are easy enough-just double up on that vodka.

However, during the ten day stay and aftermath of hosting my husband’s parents (hubbie at work, kids in school, me as tour guide)I needed something different. Stronger-perhaps. Sweeter? More bitter? Here is the question: Are there certain cocktails that fit certain moods? Can the right cocktail address in-law frustration, traveling husband, best friend’s separation from partner, finishing my first triathlon(perhaps a ‘virgin’), and other situations and moods? IS there a CHARACTER COCKTAIL?

Re: Character Cocktails

Hi Maureen. This is a great challenge you pose. I think we need a section on the site where a cocktail aficionado creates a section that matches specific drinks against specific moods. Something like Bloody Mary for frustration, perhaps (it always works for me). I recently had Andrew’s sidecar which I thinks works for every occasion. It is sweet, warming and carries a nice punch. Give it a shot!

Re: Character Cocktails

I find that Tequila is just what the doctor ordered for guests with kids. Usually I start with the simple margarita as it is easy and bound to put everybody into a good mood.

If it is a long visit inevitably I end up drinking lots of the good stuff on the rocks with a squirt of lemon. My favorite at the moment is Herradura anejo (just in case any future house guests are reading this.)

And for the no neck monsters from out of town that wake you up first thing on a Sunday morning there is always the Mexican Caesar.

Re: Character Cocktails

hey a great cocktail for the family and adults both is a pina colada. My favorites right now are the fuss free natural tropicolada mixes available at gourmet food mall. My fav is the mango colada, all you need to do is add ice and your favorite rum. Its tastes great and is preservatives free so it works great for me.

Re: Character Cocktails

Do you have a favorite rum? There are so many to choose! I tend to stay clear of rum drinks because I never know which to ask for. Some help here would be much appreciated.