Meyer Lemon Trees

Ever since I sampled my first Meyer lemon Sidecar I have coveted a Meyer Lemon tree. Two things. One can you give any advice about buying and planting a tree? And two does anybody know where Meyer lemons come from? Are they a crazy cross, genetically engineered, or a heirloom variety that has simply come back into vogue?

Oh and by the way if you appreciate a good sidecar you have to try the recipe I linked above. It really is that good.

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Firstly, had to get off the side car, became too good at consuming them and now I am part of the AA fellowship.

Meyer lemons are not a true lemon. It may be a hybrid between a lemon and a chinese mandarin..a debate of sorts is engaged in between the members of the Rare fruits growers Assoc. They are wildly popular at the moment and have a unique taste.

By the way I make a sensational traditional English lemon Curd using them and my fresh eggs. My Irish and English friends love the results. My US friends are curiously indifferent..funny how one mans meat is another mans poison.

Oddly enough I am about to plant one tomorrow for a client in Hancock Park. This will be her second tree. Make a hole large enough to fit the rootball into with about 3-4 inches of space all round. I like to loosen soil at the base and make sure that the tree is slightly up and above the current soil level in the garden as the soil will settle over time. Make sure that if the rootball is rootbound (ie roots in a tight circular swirling form) to take the time to tease out roots all the way round. I sometimes cut cleanly (with a sharp spade) an inch of root from the bottom exposing baby roots that will grow down into the soil and get the tree off to a good start. When planted do NOT fertilize. Let the tree get established 2-3 months and then fertilize. Keep a nice mulch around the base about 3 inches from the tree trunk. Water (do not overdo it)once a week until established (2-3 months) and then once a month (slow deep watering) after that. Citrus hate to be sitting in wet soil…a sure way to kill them or have them struggle is to plant them in or near a lawn. They thrive with a decent addition of compost twice a year. Other than that citrus are very easy to grow here in Southern CA.

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Thank you for that amazing advice. I just planted my first tree today and followed the steps you outlined above. As much as I love the sidecar I doubt i will use all the lemons on cocktails so how about sharing that traditional lemon curd recipe with a curious American who is anything but indifferent.

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I will post that recipe soon.

Thanks Al for the nice comments.


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Hey John,

Can I save the seeds from the Meyer Lemons I get at the farmers market and grow Meyer Lemon trees from them?

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Nope..remember it is a hybrid…so the resulting offspring will vary..vegetative reporduction only. They are grafted. They sell for $22.50 approx almost everywhere except the fancy nurseries.