Planting String Beans

I recently found two of the largest string beans I have ever seen growing on the vines that I had given up for fallow. Can I plant the seeds inside the beans and grow new plants? If so how should I go about this?

Re: Planting String Beans

Back to the old question of genetics. If you grew a true to type variety and not a hybrid..well then yes..leave them on the vine until dry but collect them before the pod explodes open! Store in a cool dry place in a brown paper bag until next year and sow. Soaking the beans overnight or even for a few days in a little water or between really damp paper towels will get them sprouting and off to a good start. The hybrid bean is still fun to sow as you never know what will result.

As an aside..my foot long chinese beans growing in my former lawn are coming in at the moment and are delicious..comparable to haricots verts.