Snails, snails and more snails! What to do?

Does anyone have an easy, organic way to keep the snails away? I live on the edge of a wild canyon and find literally hundreds every day. I’ve taken to throwing them over the edge, which has helped, but now my right shoulder is killing me! I’ve used “snail bait” but don’t feel good about the ingredients, and because it attracts snails sometimes I actually end up with more of the critters. Also, once a few hundred have died from the bait, the smell of rotting flesh is horrific. Please help if you can. Thanks!

Re: Snails, snails and more snails! What to do?

In case anyone is interested, over the past 2+ years I have found lots of solutions to keeping snails out of the garden, though not completely foolproof. Under NO circumstances should anyone EVER use SNAIL BAIT!! It may be linked to the dissappearance of bees.

Copper wire or copper tape works! Surround the bed with copper plumbing making sure it is flush with the surface of the soil. Stick a ring of copper tape around the outside of potted plants. Both can be found at your local garden center.

Crushed egg shells can be a deterrent and are good for the soil. Tip: wash the eggs first to avoid foul odors. You’ll need lots of egg shells and must replenish them regularly. Omelets anyone?

Finally, jagged rocks deter the critters, but if too small they may get into the soil and be an annoyance when planting.

Wishing everyone good gardening!