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It’d be wonderful if you updated the home page comments more frequently. I used to go back everyday until I realized you only updated once a week or so. I think you’ve got the makings of a great blog there, in addition to everything else.

Re: Home page

You bring up an excellent point. We will be utilizing the homepage a lot more for communicating with our audience. I like the idea of thinking of this as a kind of blog where we can initiate an ongoing dialog with the GreatGrub community.

Let us know how we are doing in a few weeks time. And if there’s anything you’d like to see on the home page send us an email and we’ll do our best to incorporate your suggestions.

Re: Home page

I LOVE the home page, especially the beautiful photos intermixed with the recipes and topics. It draws me in to see and read more. That said, there’s something missing. I really like that so many websites these days have a “What’s new” or “Today’s posts” link.

As I don’t get to check Great Grub as often as I’d like, it would be beautiful if there were a small link or list on the Home Page to take me to the newest entries on the site. I know, I can click on recipes, stories, forums, etc to see the most recent posts on each of those pages, but I would like to see ALL that’s new in one easy list.

This, of course, is just my desire. No matter what, I will always come back to Great Grub because I love the content and the people who create it! All my best - Beth

Re: Home page

I think this is a good idea too. It could be as simple as just some links to new recipes or stories under a heading “What’s New”.