Uploading multiple food photos


Is there a way to upload more than one photo per recipe/story?


Re: Uploading multiple food photos

Yes, I would like to know the same. It must be - I selected a photo from the home page only to see a different photo on the recipe page. This feature would be great! I would love to be able to upload a mini video too… Thanks!

Re: Uploading multiple food photos

Currently there is no way to upload multiple photos for a recipe. You can include other images in your text if you have them on the Web somewhere already (such as Flickr). Just add the following code into your recipe where you want the photo to appear: [img http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1008/941281622_95b962c682_m_d.jpg]. Obviously you'll need to put the correct address in for the image you want.

If you want to include photos that aren't yours, please ensure you have permission.

Re: Uploading multiple food photos

Another option is to email a copy of any pictures to:support@greatgrub.com and we will post them for you.