widya laksmi larasati

widya laksmi larasati sunarto
jakarta, 13820, Indonesia

i don't want to be skinny, i just need to live my life healthy.

i’m in the middle of Moslem’s Fasting Month right now. :D lots of cake, and sweets… ahaha.. happy

Hello Widya-

I enjoyed reading your personal page. You sound very busy and I admire you for your commitment to staying in touch with your mother’s cooking. That is a habit you will appreciate for the rest of your life. I still cook recipes I learned from my mother and now my daughter does too.

Good luck with school, your band and staying away from that junk food.


fried salty mushrooms covered with flour for lunch today. i like it, easy to prepare, and such a nice match for chili sauce.

gee, thanks, even sometimes i surprised when she cook the same meal for two different days with totally different taste caused by her “ignoring recipes” philosophy. :)

I love your mother’s philosophy to cooking.

easy recipes!!!! i just figured out that easy recipes are needed when i don’t want to go out to have meal and my final tasks are chasing me to deadlines. don’t want to drown myself into ice creams again.. haha…

Put some cheese on your bread and some fruit on your ice cream and call it a meal. Sounds good to me!

i ate too much bread and ice cream during last week. this is because i’m overstressed with dozen of deadlines. well, actually, i don’t really care about eating ice cream too much, but sometimes, my deadlines also make me forget my meal. that’s bad.