latest favourite things

so, feels good to be back here in great grub. been a very loooonggg time since i promised the cola meat. i failed, i lost the recipe and nobody else’s have heard bout that food.

but this is just another story. i finally graduated on November 2007. yip yip horray. i am home now. in Jakarta. and still jobless. god help me.

since now i’m living with my mom and dad, there’s several new habits involving all of us. one of it is, drinking lemon iced tea, and that taste good. never thought that my mom would do such trouble with lemons and ices for a pitcher of joyful drink.

the second thing is… steak and pizza. FYI, steak and pizza is not Indonesian traditional food, so we rarely eat those. but my dad had a trouble called “lack of nutrition” and i realized, that both my mom and dad are lack of nutrition caused by a high expanses for me and my sister’s study. now that i’ve graduated, we decided that my parents need more good food. we go to pizza only for fun, but at least he eat more meats. and salad, never thought that our local tongue would suit the taste of thousand island. but we do it well. haha…and steak… and soy bean milk.

you should try this soy bean milk. it taste good. and healthy too.

last, i realized that my mom always add full cream powder milk (or powder full cream milk? which one is correct?) to cow’s liver before she left it for few minutes then boil it with low heat.

oohh this new habits of our family.

May God always bless good food that comes from good ingredients and made by good hearts.


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Congratulations on your graduation! And what a heart-warming story you have written. Good luck with the nutrition.

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