The Famous Brighton Chocolate Brownies

I ran a sandwich round during my time at university and the most popular thing on the menu were the Chocolate Brownies….not just any brownies, people used to literally fight their way to the front of the queue to get their hands on em! The recipe seems to change every time….


  • Chocolate…Use good chocolate (not dairy milk!)
  • Double Cream 1 pint
  • Butter 300g
  • Flour 500g
  • Sugar depends how sweet you want it 200-500g
  • Cocoa 3tbsps
  • Baking Powder 2 tspns


  • Pan
  • Cake tray
  • mixing stuff


  1. First things first. Taste the chocolate to make sure it’s not poisoned then smash it up. Next Melt the butter in the pan and add the broken up chocolate and the cream and simmer until it’s all melted into a delectable sauce.
  2. After this I recall putting all the other ingredients in a big mixing bowl adding the chocolate sauce and mixing it up.
  3. Then whack it onto a baking tray and cook for about 45 mins. It should still be soft and gooey when you take it out, this is amazing warm but the gooeyness will die down a bit once it’s been out of the oven for a while.

What you should know

Finally you gotta find yourself a nice cup of tea and then sit down and watch Peep Show or The Mighty Boosh, I’d go with Peep Show for this recipe, it’s more chocolatey!

Re: The Famous Brighton Chocolate Brownies

Since neither of these shows are available in the US, would this recipe work well with a re-run of Monty Python or would Steve Carrell’s version of The Office be more appropriate?

Re: The Famous Brighton Chocolate Brownies

hmmm, monty python perhaps, check out www.alluc.org and i think you can probably find peep show there!!

Re: The Famous Brighton Chocolate Brownies

Re: The Famous Brighton Chocolate Brownies

I’m a little curious — have you had problems with poisoned chocolate in the past?

Also, am I allowed to taste the batter before it has been cooked? In my experience the batter is the best part. Sometimes I eat so much batter that I have to use a smaller brownie pan.

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Poisoned chocolate?

The best thing to do is to take them out after 20 minutes and have it then. It’s crispy on the outside and really soft and goey in the middle!!!

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Well Sam,

how much sugar would you normally use eh?? I may make these this eve.

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Rhona, you cake lover. I’d suggest that you put about 8 tablespoons of sugar in. I know jamie Oliver always suggests that cake making is a process of perfect measures but I think it’s not. Put what you feel is right in. 7 tablespoons. Enjoy!