Bologna, "Braida", Brachetto d'Aqui", Piemonte, 2006

This light sparkling red wine from Piedmont is made from the red Brachetto grape near the town of Aqui. At only 5% or so alcohol, it is very light, elegant, juicy, and very easy to swallow. Even the bubbles are cut in half to give it just a slight delicate sparkle. This was a superb example showing pure red berry flavors that was very clean and flavorful from start to finish.
This is a really nice wine and not well know at all in the U.S. If the Amarone is Wagner, this reminds of the perfect pop song. The light but pure sweetness was a good punctuation after the other heavier red wines, and lent a bit of festivity to the finale. I enjoyed this wine very much.

My score: 90; $24.