Antonelli, Sagrantino di Montefalco, Umbria, 2003

Sagrantino is a very “under the radar” DOCG wine, partly because it is very small, and fairly expensive.
It’s made from 100% Sagantino near Montefalco, and usually is a huge wine. If the Montepulciano above was “manly”, this one is Rambo. I got notes of black currant, black berry, licorice, dirt, some almond flavors along with a minerally component, all wrapped in HUGE massive tannins! This was robust! 2003 was a very hot ripe year, and I think the usually big Sagrantino got even bigger in this vintage. This wine had muscle, with leather, earth, and not so subtle tannins. Still, with only 1.25 years in oak, good rustic character, and balance, I liked this and gave it 90 points. $45