Ermacora, Tocai-Fruilano, Friuli-Giulia, 2006

Tocai-Friulano is drunk day-in, day-out in Friuli, and is one of the native grapes of the region. Although it can be a bit simple, it can also have great character. This one was very aromatic, and had beautiful minerally notes (sort of metallic), and nice candied citrus fruit in the nose. It was medium bodied, and filled with lemon sweet-tart candy and chalky flavors. I loved that dual character of candied fruit with a core of minerality. It was bright, crisp, and had a long finish. I also noted slight hints of tarragon in the nose (verified by my spice cabinet!). Very tasty good stuff. No oak used.

My score: 88 Gambero Rosso: 2 glasses $17