Zojirushi® Neuro-Fuzzy® Logic Rice Cooker

Do you really need to spend 200 smackers on a rice cooker — of course not. But if you make rice as much as I do, then you should seriously consider this easy to use rice cooker that really does make perfect rice every time. The neuro-fuzzy bit may sound like mumbo jumbo, but the manufactures claim that the spherical heating that lies at the core of the fancy name has proven true to producing restaurant quality rice on a consistent basis.

The key, however, lies in giving the machine time to work it’s magic. There is a quick cook button that can have you rice ready in under 30 minutes, but the taste is the same as any old rice maker. If you are willing to endure the hour it takes for the Zorjirushi to produce superb white rice and the hour-fifteen to fluff up the brown grains, this is a machine that is worth every penny.

My only complaint is that hot sticky water occasionally bubbles over the top and makes a mess on the counter. Also as with virtually every rice maker you can scald skin in mere seconds from the steam escaping from the top vent. Use with care.

Re: Zojirushi® Neuro-Fuzzy® Logic Rice Cooker

Having grown up in an Asian household where there was always a pot of steamed rice ready to serve, I will attest to the indispensability of this appliance. I cannot live without this rice cooker and as my mother passed one on to me, I will do the same to both my daughters.

Re: Zojirushi® Neuro-Fuzzy® Logic Rice Cooker