Louvar Fish

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I just had a fish called Louvar that was absolutely terrific. Does anybody know anything about this fish? I believe it comes from Hawaii.

Re: Louvar Fish

The Louvar (Luvarus imperialis) is also known as the Loo, Luvaru and Silver King.

The Louvar has a stout oval-shaped body that tapers to a narrow area before tail. It has a small mouth, and eyes that are positioned low on the bulging forehead. The body is silver and the fins are pink. The Louvar grows to 2 m in length and 150 kg in weight.

This species lives its entire life in the open sea. It occurs in tropical and subtropical waters of all oceans.

Re: Louvar Fish

Thanks John. I am definitely going to try this fish again. When I cooked it last time I threw it on the grill with a little olive oil. Does anybody have any suggestions for other ways to cook louvar?

Re: Louvar Fish

You have hit a favorite of many fish lovers! The louvar is seasonal and is caught off the California Coast. It is usually caught by the California Sword Fishermen.

The only place that sells it during the season that I know of is http://www.giovannisfishmarket.com. Giovanni’s Fish Market from Morro Bay,CA they can send it overnight and it is usually around $20/lb…buon appetitio!