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Help! How the hell do I stop my brownies burning on top and not cooking underneath? My kids are threatening to leave home unless I sort this out.

Re: Brownies

You have two options that I can think of. The first is to use the convection setting on your oven if you have one. This circulates the air around the brownies and helps them cook evenly. As an added bonus you may discover that your brownies are lighter and fluffier.

If you don’t have a convection setting or don’t want fluffy brownies, I would suggest that you lower the temperature by 25°F and cook a little longer.

Re: Brownies

My suggestion would be to cut down on the sugar in the recipe slightly and to cook for longer at a lower temperature - my recipe just posted works a treat every time, also I think the brown sugar makes a diffference, try using that instead of the white sugar

Re: Brownies

My suggestion since in most gas ovens, the heat source is from the bottom (heat rises), is to tent the brownies until they are done.

Tent simply means placing foil over the top of pan. What this does is reflect the direct heat from the top of the brownies allowing them to finish baking in the pan.