The words horse, stable and bolted come to mind as I struggle to write this, but I need a hangover cure. Any suggestions from this learned community?

Re: Hangover

I believe that the smartest thing one can do in your can do in your self-inflicted state is to remove any and all temptation and thus prevent this hideous and heinous condition from recurring in the future. Therefore my recommendation is to, with extreme urgency, remove any and all quality whiskey from your cupboards and without haste deliver said bottles to my doorstep. This action of expulsion will provide comfort to your weary soul and I will bravely house your collection with the sure-fast promise to return the bottles, once empty, to your possession.

Re: Hangover

I’ll think it over…

I thought it over and am grateful for the suggestion but feel disinclined to act on it!

There must be a less draconian way.