Boxed Wine - would you buy it?


My favorite wine writers (off of GreatGrub) Dorothy Gaiter and John Brecher of the Wall Street Journal have tested some of the new boxed wines to hit the market. They investigated vineyard claims that the wine lasts up to six weeks after opening. Low and behold it does!

Click on this quote to read their article. “So, the bottom line: It’s true. The wine really does keep for six weeks. It has its ups and downs in your refrigerator, but it will keep fine. Would we keep a box of wine in our refrigerator for six weeks?… “

But the bigger question remains. Would you drink boxed wine? Sound off. Let us know what you think about the latest innovation? Is it another misguided marketing ploy or a step forward in the drive to demystify wine and make it approachable to all.

Re: Boxed Wine - would you buy it?

You gotta be kidding! Part of the pleasure of wine drinking is uncorking the bottle and finishing it before you go to bed. It’s an excellent way of controlling your alcohol intake.

Anyhow, I have yet to taste a decent glass of wine from a box.

Re: Boxed Wine - would you buy it?

Of course I would try it. A box of wine would perfect for a garden party or a barbecue or summer gathering of friends.

Re: Boxed Wine - would you buy it?

I’m sure the product is good and I will always try new things but, to me it is the process and ceremony of opening a bottle. I don’t think the Japanese tea ceremony would be the same with tea in a can. Besides glass can be recycled effectively and cork (real cork) is natural and can naturally break down. Stay green!