Lime from a Lemon: Sussing out the bartender


Since trying JC Wilson’s recipe I have become a big fan of the sidecar. It’s easy to make and tastes great at home. But whenever I order it in a bar it never measures up. Finally I asked a bartender how she made it. She admitted that she was trained to make it as a margarita with Brandy instead of Tequila.

So here is my question. How do you suss out a real bartender from one who doesn’t know a lime from a lemon?

Re: Lime from a Lemon: Sussing out the bartender

I asked my friend Rob that has been a bartender for many years in resturants and bars in NY for his reciepe This is what he use…

5 oz of calvados or brandy 2 oz of cointreau 2 oz of lime juice and a splash of OJ and sugar rim

I will try this one and let you know how it is… :>)