Hi all,

I am kinda new to this website as well and need some advice from those of you that drink cocktails or make them. Went out for dinner last night and we sampled three drinks that I would love to make but can’t find the quantities for them. Two I can remember the ingredients, the Jiminy Cricket, I can’t as my friend had that one.

Naughty Nanna

Banana Liqueur, Creme De Creme, Cream

Tongue Tickler

Blue Curaco, Vodka, Raspberry Cordial and Lemonade

If anyone can help, it would be great.

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You pose a fun little challenge. Bartenders throughout the world are famous for creating interesting cocktails with fun names and then guarding their recipes like state secrets. Now we get to crack the code.

I’ve never heard of the Naughty Nanna or of a Tongue Tickler with Blue Curaco but you can bet that I am willing to break out the cocktail shaker and start experimenting.

I’ll post my results soon. And if anybody beats me to the punch then by all means share the results of your experiments. I’m betting that together (wiki style) we can create recipes that top even the best of bartenders.


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Has anyone heard of the Jiminy Cricket as a cocktail? My friend said that it was the perfect after dinner drink. I am also hoping to make a few cocktails for the next party we have, I better get practising then!

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I have never heard of a Jiminy Cricket cocktail. I bet it’s feisty though! As an alternative, why not try making some Pimms? It’s a very traditional British summer drink and is a fun way to start a party (they drink it at the Wimbledon tennis championship by the bucket, along with champagne of course). It’s mild, refreshing and tastes delicious. Serve it in long glasses with plenty of fruit and mint.

And how about having it with a bowl of strawberries and cream alongside? It’s not too potent, so you can drink a lot without getting too tipsy, and you can also safely move on to other drinks (a very British thing to do). Have a good party!

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I asked some bartending friends aboute the Jiminy Cricket. They say it is probably some modification of a Grasshopper:

¾ oz Green Creme de Menthe

¾ oz white Creme de Cacao

¾ oz Light cream

Shake all ingredients with ice, strain into a cocktail glass, and serve.

I will let you know if they find a recipe.

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I’m not sure of “creme de creme” but The Naughty Nana sounds like a Banana Banshee:

2 oz banana liqueur

2 oz white creme de cacao

2 oz light cream

Shake with ice and strain into a highball glass.

The Tongue Tickler sounds like a hybrid between a Chameleon:

1 oz Blue Curacao liqueur

½ glass orange juice

fill with lemon-lime soda (7-up) soda

Combine all ingredients over ice in highball glass.

and a Shamrock:

1 ½ oz Vodka

1 ½ ozBlue Curacao

splash Orange Juice

Shake with ice and strain into chilled martini glass.

Here would be my guess for Tongue Tickler:

In highball glass over ice,

Equal parts (1-1 ½ oz) Vodka and Curacao

Splash of Chambord

Fill remainder with lemonade

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Thanks for the pointers on the drinks that I asked about. They sound like they are the ingredients that I asked for, the Shamrock sounds similar to the Tickler.

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Ok, sorry to do this again but I would love to know if anyone had heard of this drink. It was a cocktail that we drunk when I got married last year on Dunk Island. It is called an Island Affair and has the following ingredients in it. Midori, Cointreau and Blue Curacao, combined with mango and orange juice topped with coconut cream. Again, I need to figure out the quantitites of each or I will just start experimenting. Thanks.

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Try this:

1 part midori 1 part Countreau 1 part Blue Curaco 3 parts mango juice 3 parts orange juice 1 part cream of coconut

Throw all the above into a belnder, add ice and blend.

I’ve never had the drink before but gave this a whirl and it was pretty darn tasty. I little too sweet for me, but my wife loved it.

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Thanks for that Al Dente. I have writte it down and will start experimenting once I have all the ingredients that I need to buy. If anyone else has any other thoughts or want to share their favourite cocktail this is where you are welcome to do it.

Anyone else out there who are from Australia?? or where is everyone else from??

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Let me know how you like it. I am from the San Francisco Bay Area. I’ve never been to Australia, but now that I know you can get a decent cocktail down under I may just consider a visit.

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I live in LA. I’ve never been to Australia but I too am heartened to hear that your bartenders know how to mix a good cocktail. All the more reason to make the journey.

I tried the Jiminy Cricket/Grasshopper that John put up. It was very good. Too creamy for my tastes, but my guests were most impressed.