Basil flowers?

I am very happy to find this section on organic gardening. Is this new? Well regardless my question concerns growing basil. My good friend insists that one should picking basil back a little every day to keep the plants from flowering. her argument is that the leaves lose their flavor once they go to flower. My method is to simply let the plants grow big and bushy so that I have plenty for a last minute pesto craving. Is there anybody who knows their gardening that can provide the definitive answer?

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This section is new. It seemed like a logical connection and we are glad that you enjoy it. Although I love to garden I am not expert enough to answer this question, but I am sure that someone in the GreatGrub community will have the answer. As for me, my basil never lasts that long — pesto can’t wait.


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Basil is tricky. Overwater it and it turns a nasty yellow/greenish hue with a bitter taste to match. Underwatering triggers it to go to seed quickly. Learn to finesse the watering. In a very hot climate it helps to tuck it under something bigger so it gets some respite from the hot sun but NOT shade. Some gardeners swear that it grows best next to or underneath tomatoes. Yes..do pick off all flower buds to slow it down. Also try to grow in 3-4 week intervals to ensure a quality supply. Grow from seed too, its easy. When you have a plant that goes to seed let it flower and do not pull it out. In this stage it attracts small beneficial insects that are very important to have in your yard as a natural pest control. Try Mrs Burns lemon basil..delightful in a tomato salad.

Hope this helped.


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Thank you for this great advice. This was all most helpful. My friend will be thrilled to hear that she was right and my pesto will be all the better for it.


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What if my basil plant doesn’t flower?? Is it not good or is it like if such thing happens also there is no need of worrying??

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I wouldn’t worry about it. Sooner or later it will likely flower. Until then enjoy your basil plant

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Once basil flowers, the leaves tend to taste a little bitter. If you’re growing basil in your herb garden on way to extend the plant is to deadhead

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wew! Glad I found this discussion. I’m also into growing basil and I always let it flower. Now I know I was in doing the wrong way.THANKS! THANKS! :D