Can we get a link to the tips page (http://greatgrub.com/filter/tips) at the bottom of every page. Sometimes I’m creating a recipe and would like to use some of the markdown. Thanks!

Re: Tips

The best guidance on entering text is at About creating. There is a link to it at the top of the recipe page. Actually, I’m impressed you managed to figure everything out from the filter tips page, I think it is pretty confusing and we intended to remove it.

Re: Tips

Peter: Thanks for your response. Gosh, I can’t believe after all the recipes I have entered, I never saw the sentence at the top of the page - “To get help with style conventions and other useful information on formatting your recipe click here.” (Though I would create separate pages for the temps and measurements, and the markdown rules.)

Yes, the filter tips page is not ideal. I have a background in software, including HTML and markdown, so I managed to get the ideas. Again, thanks for your assistance.