just wondering if you plan to email registered users if they receive new messages in their inbox. I know there is a fine line between getting the right number of emails, and feeling like its just too many, but it might be a feature to look into. it could be when you get a response to something you created. it also could be a notification of latest recipes added this week/month.

just a thought.

Re: notification

Hi Lotus Gal.

We think that notification is essential to keep the community thriving. We are building a notification system that will alert you when a member has responded to a forum topic, added a comment to your recipe (or respsonded to a comment you placed). We can add functionality to alert you if you have a message in your inbox too (thanks for the suggestion). We expect this to be in place by mid November.

Keep ‘em coming.



Re: notification

My preference would not be to have emails or comments sent to my home email account. Can this be a checkbox option on one’s profile? Having GreatGrub communication stay on the site encourages me to login regularly, which also encourages me to spend hours reading the new entries, creating entries, and responding to items like this Beta feedback comment. I just keep on coming back…

Re: notification

On a related note, you’ll see we’ve just launched some new features to help you manage your content and track feedback you get. This includes a count of unread comments shown in the left bar.

We’ll be extending the existing (optional) email notification to include unread comments shortly.

Re: notification

Actually, notification on receiving messages in your inbox is already available. Click on my account above, then check the box next to Receive daily e-mail for unread messages and hit submit. This will send you an email if you have unread messages - maximum once a day.

We are thinking about setting this on by default as nobody seems to have found it.