Chicken dumpling soup

This recipe has been in my husband’s family for generations! His mother comes into town to stay with us several times a year, and we always ask her to make it for us and our kids. Even though, my husband and I both make it well…there is nothing like Grandma’s homeade chicken dumpling soup to soothe what ails you. The truth is, whenever any of us (including and especially our girls) are under the weather, we always make a pot of soup right away. We believe it has magical properties!


  • 1 whole chicken (skin and bones)
  • 2 cups carrots diced
  • 2 cups celery stalks finely diced
  • 1 large onion very finely diced
  • Chicken broth (optional for extra taste)
  • 6 eggs
  • 3 cups of all purpose flour
  • Salt and pepper to taste


  • Soup pot (6quart)



  1. Fill the soup pot approximately ¾ full with water but please fill it according to how much soup you want to make. We make extra b/c we eat it for days.
  2. Put in the chicken, carrots, celery and let it boil for 2-3 hours (the longer the better).
  3. Remove the chicken and pull pieces of meat to be added back in later.
  4. Add salt and pepper to taste.


  1. Beat 6 eggs and stir in small amounts of flour at a time. Keep adding flour until consistency is of wet dough. You will want to judge the amount of flour to use based on the consistency. We have never really measured it. But, if you go slowly and just keep adding flour in until you get a very sticky, doughy consistency-you are correct. It is approximately 3 cups of flour to the 6 eggs.
  2. Take a large spoon and scoop up a spoonful of dough and with a smaller spoon you can flick it into the soup in a crescent/ball like shape.
  3. The dumplings are done when the rise to the top.
  4. Once they have all risen, add the chicken pieces into the soup.
  5. Cover and simmer for awhile. You can eat it right away but the longer the soup simmers the more flavorful it will be.
  6. Once spooned into bowl, you can add salt and pepper if desired.
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