Santa Barbara Pistachios

For years now I have been buying the most wonderful pistachios at the Santa Monica Farmers Market. I don’t know her name but the woman who is there come rain or shine is delightful to chat with and if you are at the market I encourage you to do so.

But here’s what I didn’t know until recently. You can also buy these pistachios online which is a godsend to those of you who are not in Southern California. I just sent them to my step-mother in Baltimore and although it takes five days to have them shipped across country, they are worth the wait.

A while back my four-year-old daughter reprimanded me after I picked up a bag of generic pistachios from the super market. She knew from the first bite that they weren’t up to par. She’s lucky to be so spoiled. Now you can be too.

Re: Santa Barbara Pistachios

I’ve tried so many brands of pistachios and these beat them all. I love the lightly salted version straight up.

Re: Santa Barbara Pistachios