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Halen Mon Spiced Sea Salt

Outstanding salt. In particular, the Spiced Sea Salt is a wonderful addition to just about any dish. [more]

Bay's English Muffins

There are lots of English muffins in the market, but only this one satisfies me. It is light and crispy, and has gazillions of “nooks and crannies” for the good stuff to get stuck in. … [more]

Valrhona Dark Chocolate

Why I recommend Valrhona dark bittersweet chocolate for baking… For starters, it’s French. Similar to champagne, French chocolate ranks at the top, in terms of taste and quality, among the … [more]

Tasmania Pepper

Tasmania peppers are one of my favorite finishes when cooking meats. They are sun dried berries with a bold pepper taste that compliments steak , lamb and pork particularly well. In Los Angeles I get … [more]

Sweet Grass Lumiere

I have just tasted some of the most extraordinary goat’s milk cheese. I’m a longtime fan of Humboldt Fog from California, but I have to say that Cypress Grove has a worthy rival from … [more]


ColoRouge is an excellent soft-ripened cow’s milk cheese that manages to get better with age. Produced by the small Colorado based MouCo cheese company, the ColoRouge is soft, creamy, and … [more]

Goat Roti

I wish I knew more about wine. More often than not I will pick something I have had before rather than try new stuff. I was in an unfamiliar market the other day and grabbed a bottle nearest me that … [more]

Debbie & Andrew's Sausages

I think these are my absolute favourite sausages. That is a difficult thing to say as I have had many great sausages of very different styles. They are obviously a quality product, made with only … [more]

Pita Break

Unfortunately, the amazing products of this company are available only to Canadians and purveyors of Wild Oats in the US (just the crackers though). They make the finest pita bread on the planet. … [more]

Peacock Family Farms Raisins

One of my favorite stands at the Wednesday Santa Monica Farmers Market is the Peacock Family Farms. They always have a friendly smile and are lovely to chat with. But the truth is that it is their … [more]

La Nogalera Walnut Oil

I sampled this oil for the first time this morning at Santa Monica’s farmers’ market. This is as pure and as wonderful as it comes. I had one of those rare experiences where as the oil … [more]

Lagavulin 16 whisky

If I were forced into choosing a favorite whisky, it would have to be this one. I would select this based on value and consistency of quality. It has a strong, peaty flavor, consistent with the … [more]

Rustichella d’abruzzo

In my kitchen and for my family there is only one linguine that I use and that is rustichella d’abruzzo. It’s the only pasta that I’ve found that actually absorbs the delectable flavors of the … [more]

Santa Barbara Pistachios

For years now I have been buying the most wonderful pistachios at the Santa Monica Farmers Market. I don’t know her name but the woman who is there come rain or shine is delightful to chat with and … [more]

Halen Môn Salts

The right salt can add a quality finish to just about any dish. Halen Môn produces some of my favorites. Based in Wales they produce pure white sea salt that delivers a distinctive taste when … [more]

Osem Israeli couscous

This is my favorite couscous due in no small part to the larger size of the pasta. Most forms of couscous are tiny — too tiny for my taste buds — while these are bigger and in my book … [more]

Stonehouse California Olive Oils

I’ve always been skeptical of flavored olive oils as over priced extravagances, but every once in a while one comes across my kitchen counter that is worth cost. Imagine my surprise when I … [more]

Ginger Blackberry Balsamic Vinegar

A few years back some friends gave me a bottle of this Hare Hallow Ginger Blackberry Balsamic Vinegar. It is distinctive as it is delicious. I have been ordering it from the Northern California … [more]

Yorkshire Gold Tea Bags

Typically, I use loose tea and a pot. But I always keep a box of Yorkshire Gold tea bags for when I just can’t be bothered . They are great. [more]

Peet's Aged Sumatra

I am a huge fan of Peet’s Coffee. They are hands down the best coffee chain and, unlike others, they take their time and do the roasting right. Peet’s beans can be distinguished by their … [more]

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