Apples (types)

Even though the apple tree originated in an area between the Caspin and the Black Sea and was introduced to United States by way of New York by the European settlers who brought seeds with them in the 1600s, the United States is second on the world scale for production (next to China).

Below are just a few of the hundreds of varieties. If you have a favorite please feel free to add to the list.

Origin: New Zealand
Description: Medium to large, red striped with an orange red blush on a yellow background. The flesh is pale, cream colored, crisp and juicy.
Use: eating and baking

Origin: New York
Description: flush of  crimson against a pale yellow background with random short, dark red stripes and gray green dots. Very white crisp, sweet flesh.
Use: eating

Origin: PRI (Purdue, Rutgers, Illinois Co Op)
Description: Small to medium. Very bright mid-range red over yellow. Extremely crisp. Moderately sweet.
Use: eating

Origin: New York
Description: Dark red with heavy, waxy bloom. Creamy white juicy, flesh. High dessert quality also good for cider.
Use: eating, cooking, baking, cider

Origin: Japan
Description: Tall, medium size fruit. Yellowish green skin with an orangish red flush and darker stripes. Darker blush on sun side. Crisp, juicy slightly white flesh with tart-edged sweetness.
Use: eating, baking

Origin: New Zealand
Description: Medium size, conical to round fruit with yellow skin patterned with bright orange-red. Firm, juicy, fine textured, yellow white flesh. Sweet slightly tart flavor.
Use: eating

Golden Delicious
Origin: West Virginia
Description: Large golden yellow fruit. Firm, crisp, juicy, flavorful flesh. Mild sweet distinctive flavor.
Use: eating baking

Granny Smith
Origin: Australia
Description: Green, crisp and tart.
Use: eating, baking

Origin: Idaho
Description: Pale green-yellow fruit, flushed bright crimson-red with indistinct striping. Firm, green or pink tinged flesh has a pleasant flavor.
Use: eating

Origin: New York
Description: Medium-sized attractive fruit, striped red with touches of green. Flesh juicy and crisp. Spicy tang.
Use: eating, sauces, cider

Origin: Canada
Description: Fruit beautiful deep red color, size variable. Flesh white, firm, tender, very juicy, flavor characteristically aromatic, perfumed.
Use: eating, cooking, baking, cider

Rome Beauty
Origin: Ohio
Description: Very round fruit, medium to very large, with handsomely striped to almost solid red, thick skin. Dryish flesh and very mild.
Use: baking

Origin: United States
Description: Medium sized, round, dark red fruit with crisp, juicy yellow flesh with a spicy, vinous flavor and aroma.
Use: eating, cider

York Imperial
Origin: Pennnsylvania
Description: Yellow skin blushed with pinkish red and faintly striped with bright red.
Use: baking, cooking

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