Easy Peasy Apple Crumble

I hate apple crumble. I really do. But this apple crumble is different. Its sweet, soft, crumbly and gooey, and it’s so easy to make! I’m eleven years old and I made it by myself at … [more]

Apple Pie

This recipe is from my Georgia born and bred great-grandmother. I made it for Thanksgiving when I went to meet the boyfriends parents. It was a huge success. [more]

Down on the farm apple pie

When it comes to apple pies you will usually find two types of methods. The first method is that the filling is cooked and cooled before adding to the crust, then baked. The second method is the … [more]

Melrose apple

From CF Fresh : The Melrose is a cross between the Jonathan and Red Delicious, dating from World War II. It has large, dense fruit with dull red skin liberally speckled with yellow cells, … [more]

Sommerfeld apple

The Sommerfeld is a large, sweet apple with firm, crisp, juicy flesh. Its flavor is well balanced, sweet, and similar to the Fuji. It is excellent for baking, salads or snacks. The Sommerfeld was … [more]

Braeburn apple

Uses: eating and baking Origin: New Zealand The Braeburn originated in New Zealand in the late 1940s and was introduced in the U.S. in the early 1980s. One of the most flavorful apples in the world, … [more]

Skillet fried apples

This very ‘country’ dish is a family tradition. It is a sweet-tart and colorful addition to any meal. Great for using those tart apples that are delicious in cooked recipes, though any … [more]

Pink Lady® Apple

This apple is a delight! I can never eat too much of it. The aromatic, crunchy flesh fulfills everything I expect from a delicious fruit. Works great in cooking too. The Pink Lady┬« is an new … [more]

York Imperial apple

Description: Yellow skin blushed with pinkish red and faintly striped with bright red. Use: baking, cooking Origin: Pennnsylvania [more]

Winesap apple

Description: Medium sized, round, dark red fruit with crisp, juicy yellow flesh with a spicy, vinous flavor and aroma. Use: eating, cider Origin: United States From CF Fresh : Winesap is one of the … [more]

Rome Beauty apple

Description: Very round fruit, medium to very large, with handsomely striped to almost solid red, thick skin. Dryish flesh and very mild. Use: baking Origin: Ohio Rome is the ideal red apple. It is … [more]


Description: Fruit beautiful deep red color, size variable. Flesh white, firm, tender, very juicy, flavor characteristically aromatic, perfumed. Use: eating, cooking, baking, cider Origin: Canada … [more]

Jonathan Apple

Description: Medium-sized attractive fruit, striped red with touches of green. Flesh juicy and crisp. Spicy tang. Use: eating, sauces, cider Origin: New York [more]

Idared apple

Description: Pale green-yellow fruit, flushed bright crimson-red with indistinct striping. Firm, green or pink tinged flesh has a pleasant flavor. Use: eating Origin: Idaho [more]

Granny Smith apple

Description: Green, crisp and tart. Use: eating, baking Origin: Australia Americans love the Granny Smith. We bake it, sauce it, slice it, caramel it, juice it, but most of all, we like to simply … [more]

Golden Delicious apple

Description: Large golden yellow fruit. Firm, crisp, juicy, flavorful flesh. Mild sweet distinctive flavor. Origin: West Virginia Use: eating baking [more]

Gala apple

Description: Medium size, conical to round fruit with yellow skin patterned with bright orange-red. Firm, juicy, fine textured, yellow white flesh. Sweet slightly tart flavor. Use: eating Origin: New … [more]

Fuji apple

With 9% to 11% sugar by weight Fuji apples are very sweet. Many consider them great for apple pie and other baking in addition to eating them fresh. Those who prefer tart apples would be wise to look … [more]

Empire apple

Description: Dark red with heavy, waxy bloom. Creamy white juicy, flesh. High dessert quality also good for cider. Use: eating, cooking, baking, cider Origin: New York [more]

Crispin apple

Description: Small to medium. Very bright mid-range red over yellow. Extremely crisp. Moderately sweet. Use: eating Origin: PRI (Purdue, Rutgers, Illinois Co Op) [more]

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