Passion fruit

This edible fruit of the passion flower has a delightfully sweet acidic flavor. The orange yellow flesh contains small but edible crunchy black seeds. For many dishes such as passion fruit sorbet and pavlova the flesh of the fruit is pressed through a sieve and the seeds are removed.

When ripe, the passion fruit has dimpled skin and a deep purple color. The husks are excellent for making passion fruit tea.

Originally from Brazil the passion fruit is now grown in Australia, the United States (California, Florida & Hawaii), and New Zealand. In Hawaii it is known as Lilikoi and in Portuguese the passion fruit is known as Granadilla .

Speculation has it that the name derives either from the passion this fragrant fruit inspires or alternately particular parts of the plants flowers resemble the crown of thorns worn by Christ at the Crucifixion.

Season: March through October

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