A friendship sealed with choco-love

Our Crestwood experience began in late October. Peyton was the last to begin mixed age ‘03. As I sat on the bench the first week, trying to look boring (as was suggested by Judi) I began to talk with Ruth, who was in the “really try to look boring” stage of separation. We bonded quite quickly and conveniently, our girls did too. We soon realized during the endless weeks of transition we could be “boring” to our kids, but entertain ourselves quite well. Over the years, we have become great friends. The defining moment of our friendship was when Ruth slipped me “contraband”… A small ziplock that she neatly tucked into my hand outside the scope of anyone’s view. It contained the most amazing brownies EVER!!! I knew right then that not only was she a cool girl, mom, friend but wow could she bake!!! I must admit this year is hard, being at Crestwood without my first and one of my closest friends, but a phone friendship with Ruth isn’t quite the same. Coordinating kids needs, etc is difficult to say nothing of how difficult it is to receive weekly contraband via e-mail or telephone. For those of you who have never met Ruth, look out. She’ll be back next year spreading her choco-love to your hips and thighs. Or, simply buy the most expensive chocolates you can find and try either her triple chocolate brownie recipe or chocolate bread pudding. I hope our friendship will last forever, as will Peyton and Emma’s. I’ve found bonds over chocolate are usually the best!

Re: A friendship Sealed with Choco-love

Ahh yes, Chocolate! It is like great friendships you always look forward to spending quality time with its familiar warmth.

Re: A friendship sealed with choco-love