Granny Smith apple

Description: Green, crisp and tart.

Use: eating, baking Origin: Australia

Americans love the Granny Smith. We bake it, sauce it, slice it, caramel it, juice it, but most of all, we like to simply bite into it. It’s crisp and firm; tart with a light touch of sugar. It keeps well in storage, on the shelf or in the refrigerator. The flesh remains white longer than most tart apples making it a natural for fruit platters and salads.

The Granny Smith originated in Australia in 1868. Mary Ann (Grannie) Smith found the seedling (believed to be French Crab) growing in her garden where she had thrown out some apples. She began using its fruit for cooking. The trees were propagated and the fruit marketed. About a century later they were introduced to America where it has grown in popularity ever since.

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