cooking apple

Melrose apple

From CF Fresh : The Melrose is a cross between the Jonathan and Red Delicious, dating from World War II. It has large, dense fruit with dull red skin liberally speckled with yellow cells, … [more]

Sommerfeld apple

The Sommerfeld is a large, sweet apple with firm, crisp, juicy flesh. Its flavor is well balanced, sweet, and similar to the Fuji. It is excellent for baking, salads or snacks. The Sommerfeld was … [more]

Braeburn apple

Uses: eating and baking Origin: New Zealand The Braeburn originated in New Zealand in the late 1940s and was introduced in the U.S. in the early 1980s. One of the most flavorful apples in the world, … [more]

Granny Smith apple

Description: Green, crisp and tart. Use: eating, baking Origin: Australia Americans love the Granny Smith. We bake it, sauce it, slice it, caramel it, juice it, but most of all, we like to simply … [more]

Baked apple

My father’s greatest love (beside his wife and children) is his garden. It is a wondrous place. From the kitchen window (the heart of the house) the garden beckons you. It sort of mirrors the … [more]

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